How Students Assess Their Experience

Students' perceptions of their cognitive and affective development, as well as their overall satisfaction with the institution, provide useful evidence of their educational experiences. For more details, refer to your Frequencies and Statistical Comparisons report.

Perceived Gains Among Seniors

Students reported how much their experience at your institution contributed to their knowledge, skills, and personal development in ten areas.

Perceived Gains
(sorted highest to lowest)
Percentage Responding
"Very much" or "Quite a bit"
Thinking critically and analytically87%
Writing clearly and effectively

Understanding people of other backgrounds74%
Being an informed and active citizen68%
Working effectively with others65%
Speaking clearly and effectively65%
Developing or clarifying a personal code of values and ethics64%
Solving complex real-world problems62%
Acquiring job- or work-related knowledge and skills60%
Analyzing numerical and statistical information43%
Satisfaction with Loyola-New Orleans

Students rated their overall experience at your institution and whether they would attend your institution again.

Percentage Rating Their Overall Experience
as "Excellent" or "Good"
Percentage Who Would "Definitely" or
"Probably" Attend This Institution Again

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