Major Field Report: Engagement Indicators


Decades of research hold that student experiences and outcomes vary more within institutions than between institutions. Thus, NSSE urges institutions to "look within" key subpopulations such as major. The Major Field Report informs department-level improvements in teaching and learning with results that are useful for deans, department chairs, faculty, and others. Institutions had the option to customize how majors were grouped, using up to ten categories. For more details, click here.

The chart and table below summarize your Engagement Indicator results by related-major categories.

Click on major category labels to show/hide symbols.

Arts & Humanities
Social Sciences
Comm, Media, PR
Academic Challenge
Higher-Order Learning47.945.039.646.9
Reflective & Integrative Learning47.245.133.848.2
Learning Strategies41.543.233.340.9
Quantitative Reasoning22.526.429.433.6
Learning with Peers
Collaborative Learning31.029.332.738.8
Discussions with Diverse Others48.552.946.751.0
Experiences with Faculty
Student-Faculty Interaction30.427.421.937.0
Effective Teaching Practices42.344.537.044.0
Campus Environment
Quality of Interactions42.345.639.143.6
Supportive Environment41.440.130.137.1

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